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Air purifiers are the source of fresh air

The air purifiers are the source of fresh air, all the time we can’t leave our work, study, home to have fresh air in hill station but we all need fresh air for good health, for our toddlers, for old aged people and specifically for the asthmatic people. Don’t think much… coz Yelobuy brings an E-plant Air purifier for your room, office and any area where you have one power plug button. As in daily life, we all are struggling with bad pollution which makes our life suffocating, facing so many eye issues like eye burning, infections, etc. Many people are complaining about congestion in chest, throat or nose blockage any many other health-related issues. This compact air purifier helps you in breathing fresh air at least in your comfort area rooms whether office, room, clinics and many more. Air purifiers are the first choice for the gym owners also as they understand the need of the same in the workout area, Crowded gym and heavy workouts machinery leads to create heat within the gym area and if few air purifiers are used, they will make the gym beautiful and full of fresh air. These purifiers are very beneficial for the people, those who have toddlers or old age people in their homes. Switching it on this is like, giving a good life to their organs even while they are sleeping.

How it works?

E-plant Air Purifier promise to remove Air Pollutant and Allergen Smoke, Dust, Pollen, Pm2.5 for Asthma Allergies Smokers Pets Air Cleaner Desktop Ionizer for Home, Office, Room. It works so smartly; we tell you how? When oxygen in the air is charged by the ionizer, negative ions are generated. Negative ions bind with the airborne pollutant such as positively charged smoke, dust, pollen, germs, bacteria, PM 2.5 and charge neutralization occurs. The air pollutant was removed, killed and absorbed by the negative ions and subside naturally to the ground instead of being inhaled into the human lung. This only needs a power plug where you need to plug-in and switch it on to feel the fresh air. It is a very less power consuming gadget, which is also its best quality.

Beauty with Brain

Along with its smart technology, this little air purifier is easy to carry, looks cute and beautiful which even enhances the beauty of the place wherever you kept it. Its attractive plant look, raise the beauty of your room and you feel that you kept the planter in your room. It is the best idea for corporate gifting, returns gifts and for any memorable occasion. Yelobuy gives the assurance of its smartness and even provides you the live demo for the same, with the help of an air purity checker device, if you have any doubt about its performance. This device differentiates the outdoor air purity and indoor room purity, where the E-plant air purifier is ON.

It is a good option to buy an air purifier with a lightweight at less rate. Smart technology allows you to breathe better, live better. Compact size, even a child can carry it. A complete package of brain, beauty and technology.

Buy a fresh air coz Yelobuy is selling it!!

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